by iampunha | 6/25/2008 08:00:00 AM
Since I began this series, I have written on death, hate and destruction. But also life, discovery and joy.

I have unleashed hate on the world in the form of people who felt better about themselves only if they were marginalizing others.

And I have exposed you to the joy that comes with getting what you deserve.

Today, a break from the history, from the stories we need to know if we're to consider ourselves socio-politically aware.

There will be no explanations of complex scientific discoveries, no expositions of race relations in the 1950s, no satire employ.

Today there is music and art, and we have it because of Georg Philip Telemann, who died on June 25, 1767; because of Antoine-Louis Barye, who died on June 25, 1875; and Thomas Eakins, who died on June 25, 1916.

For the sake of art.

And for the person who will, directly or indirectly because of this entry, one day add to the world's beauty.

There is plenty of drama in each man's life, plenty of accomplishment, any number of achievements I could write about quite poignantly.

But I'm going to let you read about Telemann on your own. And the same with Barye, and with Eakins

Today's diary is different in part because I wanted a change of pace from the norm. But it is also different because of what is represented by this comment:

I am loving iampunha's diaries
altho I can't keep up with him/her. Saturday's at home are good for that, tho!

And finally, it is different because so much of what we hear is rancor, so much of what we see is death and destruction. From the children screaming in the background to the pundits screaming in the foreground, the dead bodies and the flooding in the news, we sometimes lose our ... grounding in the pleasantries of life.

This diary, therefore, is dedicated to those pleasantries: art and music. On this Wednesday, one more day lost in the grand shuffle, let us sit back and relax and enjoy life, if only for an hour.

(The choosing and pairing of the art and music is random but for the switching between Eakins and Barye. No artistic, critical or other inference should be drawn.)

Telemann Violin Concerto in G :1st movement

"The Champion Single Sculls (Max Schmitt in a Single Scull)," Thomas Eakins
(Image courtesy of artchive, where a larger version is available through a pop-up window)

Georg Philipp Telemann - Violin Concerto in C

"Tiger Hunt, Elephant Mounted by Indians," Antoine-Louis Barye
(Image courtesy of The Essence of Line.)

Standley Middle at Disneyland (Telemann Sinfonia)

"The Chess Players," Thomas Eakins
(Image courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Georg Philipp Telemann - Wassermusik - Ouverture C Major

"Python Killing a Gnu," Antoine-Louis Barye
(Image courtesy The Chess-Theory, which has plenty of other Barye works as well.)

Teresa Stich-Randall unearthly beautiful Telemann aria

"The Concert Singer," Thomas Eakins
(Image courtesy of Thomas Eakin images, which contains nudity.)

Telemann- Concerto for Oboe, strings and bc

"Thésée combatant le centaure Biénor (Theseus slaying the centaur Biénor)," Antoine-Louis Barye
(Image courtesy