by Unknown | 9/30/2007 05:51:00 AM
Follow these links to read book reviews published at ProgressiveHistorians:

- Brown, David S., Richard Hofstadter: An Intellectual Biography -- reviewed by James Livingston
- Blight, David W., A Slave No More: Two Men Who Escaped to Freedom -- reviewed by Jeremy Young
- Brauer, Ralph, The Strange Death of Liberal America -- reviewed by Jeremy Young
- Coffman, Steve, Founders v. Bush: A Comparison in Quotations of the Policies and Politics of the Founding Fathers and George W. Bush -- reviewed by zinnist
- Feldman, Jeffrey, Framing the Debate: Famous Presidential Speeches and How Progressives Can Use Them to Change the Conversation (and Win Elections) -- reviewed by Jeremy Young
- Gore, Albert Jr., The Assault on Reason -- reviewed by Cassiodorus -- reviewed by Jeremy Young
- Horowitz, David, Indoctrination U.: The Left's War Against Academic Freedom -- reviewed by Jeremy Young
- Pease, Lisa, "Sirhan and the RFK Assassination" -- reviewed by Jeremy Young
- Safranski, Mark, ed., The John Boyd Roundtable: Debating Science, Strategy, and War -- reviewed by Jeremy Young
- Smith, Lacey Baldwin, English History Made Brief, Irreverent, and Pleasurable -- reviewed by Code of the Wes
- Taylor, Gordon, Fever & Thirst: A Missionary Doctor Amid the Christian Tribes of Kurdistan -- reviewed by delicatemonster
- Wilson, G. Willow, and MK Perker, Cairo -- reviewed by Jeremy Young