by AndrewMc | 3/21/2010 06:27:00 PM
I hope people are watching history being made.


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Anonymous JasonG on 3/22/2010 9:13 AM:

Historic indeed:
"For the first time in American history, Democrats [passed] a bill that uses the coercive power of the federal government to force every American -- simply by virtue of being an American -- to purchase the products of a private company. At heart, the Democrats' solution to 48 million uninsured is to force the them to buy inadequate private insurance -- with potentially high deductibles and co-pays and no price controls -- or be fined by the federal government.
"In effect, this represents an historic defeat for the type of liberalism represented by the New Deal and the Great Society and the ascendancy of a new type of corporatist liberalism."


Blogger AndrewMc on 3/22/2010 1:15 PM:

You're wrong. You lost. Get over it.