by AndrewMc | 9/04/2009 08:39:00 AM
Sometime in the next few minutes the "Visit Count" for Progressive Historians, according to SiteMeter will pass 300,000. It's an incredible milestone. Looking at the map of visitors, one can see that in any given month Progressive Historians reaches people on all the inhabited continents. Amazing.

Browsing back through the archives of posts that go back to 2007, it's also amazing to see how many incredibly high-quality, thoughtful, and analytical posts have come through here.

Jeremy deserves a huge, virtual, pat on the back not only for starting this blog and working his ass off to keep it going, but also for corralling authors, responding to posts, and generally being tireless in his commitment to history blogging.

[A quick update: Visitor #300,000 was someone coming in from Bombay, India.]

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Blogger Unknown on 9/04/2009 8:14 PM:

When I started this site -- at a My Left Wing meetup at Bill Melater's house in Philly back in August 2006 -- I didn't think it would last a year. Tomorrow (9/5/09) is the third anniversary of the official launch, and as Andrew notes we've just hit 300,000 visitors over the lifetime of the site.

We have a lot to be proud of, and I owe a lot of thanks to Andrew, who stepped forward when I simply couldn't carry the load any more. Andrew has done a great job running ProgressiveHistorians, and he's really started to put his own stamp on the site -- editing the layout a bit and recruiting new authors. Thanks to him, ProgressiveHistorians remains one of the most widely-read group blogs in the history blogosphere.

I want also to thank the many writers and readers we've had over the years. You make this site what it is today.

Happy birthday to us! *pops open a champagne bottle in celebration