by AndrewMc | 2/21/2009 08:14:00 PM

I thought it was kind of odd that J. Crew would send me one of their catalogs--I'm not their target audience. Odder still was that it came to my office. Odder still that others in my department got the same catalog.

Except that it wasn't a catalog. It does seem to be the "J Crew-ization" of American history, by the looks of the cover. But several of the office workers--male and female students--said "Oooh, that's hot. What is that? I'll take that course, and read that book." I almost cried.

What's on your mind.

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Blogger Unknown on 2/21/2009 9:12 PM:

A professor at my institution is actually using that text. The fiancee of one of his TAs calls the book "US Weekly."


Blogger PhDinHistory on 2/21/2009 9:30 PM:

That is genius. Don't underestimate the power of visual in facilitating learning.


Blogger Ahistoricality on 2/21/2009 10:28 PM:

Don't overestimate it, either.

Is this an "adventures with publishers" thread? Because I just got a box of exam copies I ordered from a very prominent press for a course I taught over four years ago. The sad thing is that I did use those books, but I had to buy my own copies....


Blogger Ahistoricality on 2/21/2009 11:16 PM:

I just saw what may well be the dumbest headline of the month:

"US intel chief warns against China-Taiwan conflict"

The article doesn't say that anyone's in favor of it, or that it's more likely than it was last year, etc.

Apparently "Intel Chief reports Taiwan-China relationship stable but tense, as usual" wouldn't fit....


Blogger Unknown on 2/21/2009 11:36 PM:

"And in other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead..."


Blogger AndrewMc on 2/22/2009 7:00 AM:

"Dan, you pompous ass."


Blogger Lexington on 2/26/2009 1:44 AM:

Does anyone here read the New York Times? Patricia Cohen had an article on the future of the liberal arts in Tuesday's edition that I think is totally relevant to the purpose of this blog.

Some of the comments left by readers are also well worth a read.