by PhDinHistory | 11/16/2008 07:46:00 PM
It is no coincidence that Obama received 68 percent of the youth vote (ages 18-24). These young Americans are losing jobs faster than any other group and Obama has promised to fix the economy.

Since President Bush was first elected, young Americans have seen their jobs disappear at an alarming rate. In 2000, half of all Americans between the ages of 16 and 19 were in the labor force (see the Census 2000 Summary File 3 sample data available here). Now only a third are employed (see the most recent population estimates available here and the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Obama needs to create jobs for young Americans, particularly within infrastructure and alternative energy projects. He also needs to convert his campaign Internet database into a vehicle that can match young people with jobs and training. Most young Americans are digital natives with tech savvy who could benefit from this kind of web site. Using the Internet may be the only way to reach many of these young individuals, since many of them have stopped looking for work.

For more details, consult the below charts:

If they intend to return to the employment rates of 2000, Obama and the incoming Congress will need to create 7.8 million new jobs for Americans ages 16 to 24. They really need to act fast in creating jobs for this age group. Otherwise these young Americans may slip back into political apathy and lose hope of ever finding employment. Americans over the age of 35, and particularly those who are over 55, are holding up fairly well in the job market. I sincerely hope Obama will return the favor to some of his most loyal and youthful supporters.

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