by Unknown | 11/03/2008 05:01:00 PM
This isn't history-related at all, but below the fold you can find my predictions for President, Senate, House, and Gubernatorial seats that will switch parties on Election Day. If it's not on this list, that means I think it won't switch parties. In the states with possible runoffs or legislative intervention -- Louisiana, Georgia, and Vermont -- I'm including the final results of the final runoff as my prediction.

D to R:

President: none

Governor: none

Senate: none


FL-16 (Rooney def. Mahoney)
PA-11 (Barletta def. Kanjorski)
TX-22 (Olson def. Lampson)
Total: 3

R to D:

President: Obama def. McCain


MO-Gov (Nixon def. Hulshof)
Total: 1


AK-Sen (Begich def. Stevens)
CO-Sen (M. Udall def. Schaffer)
NC-Sen (Hagan def. Dole)
NH-Sen (Shaheen def. Sununu)
NM-Sen (T. Udall def. Pearce)
OR-Sen (Merkley def. Smith)
SC-Sen (Martin def. Chambliss)
VA-Sen (M. Warner def. Gilmore)
Total: 8


AK-AL (Berkowitz def. Young)
AZ-01 (Kirkpatrick def. Hay)
CA-04 (Brown def. McClintock)
CO-04 (Markey def. Musgrave)
FL-08 (Grayson def. Keller)
FL-24 (Kosmas def. Feeney)
IA-04 (Greenwald def. Latham)
IL-10 (Seals def. Kirk)
IL-11 (Halvorson def. Ozinga)
KY-02 (D. Boswell def. Guthrie)
MI-07 (Schauer def. Walberg)
MI-09 (Peters def. Knollenberg)
MN-06 (Tinklenberg def. Bachmann)
NC-08 (Kissell def. Hayes)
NJ-03 (Adler def. Myers)
NM-01 (Heinrich def. White)
NM-02 (Teague def. Tinsley)
NV-03 (Titus def. Porter)
NY-13 (McMahon def. Straniere)
NY-25 (Maffei def. Sweetland)
NY-29 (Massa def. Kuhl)
OH-01 (Driehaus def. Chabot)
OH-02 (Wulsin def. Schmidt and Krikorian)
OH-15 (Kilroy def. Stivers)
OH-16 (Boccieri def. Schuring)
PA-03 (Dahlkemper def. English)
VA-11 (Connolly def. Fimian)
WA-08 (Burner def. Reichert)
Total: 28

Post-Election Predictions

President-EV: Obama 375/McCain 163
President-PV: Obama 53.8%-McCain 44.7%
Governors: 29D/21R (D+1)
Senate: 59D/41R (D+8)
House: 261D/174R (D+25)

That's it! Post your disagreements in the comments.




Blogger elle on 11/03/2008 11:16 PM:

I'm too scared and too nervous (perhaps the apt description would be SUPERSTITIOUS) to make predictions. I just wish it was this time tomorrow!!!


Blogger Unknown on 11/04/2008 12:03 AM:

Heh -- it will be soon!