by Unknown | 10/02/2008 10:24:00 PM
For me, this goes down in history as the third great VP debate moment along with Dole's and Bentsen's:

What did you think?




Blogger Ahistoricality on 10/02/2008 11:05 PM:

My initial thoughts are that Palin exceeded her very low expectations, but that Biden also did very well, and with much higher initial expectations.

I can't say that these "emotional connection" moments do much for me, but then I'm not an undecided at this point. Character is what you do after the drama is over, and on that score, Palin's never really shown any, that I'm aware of.


Anonymous Anonymous on 10/03/2008 1:11 AM:

Bottom line for me is this, we all know the condition of our country these are all self inflicted wounds by mismanagement, coupled with incompetence, and total corruption. We are at a threshold that no two super humans could repair and palin was picked to do some very serious lifting. So who ever were behind putting palin on the mc cain ticket is no American and the motivation is criminal. Leaving me no choice but to consider the vp debate as a total insult to our country. Playing to the no tax mantra when in reality the last seven years have yielded the highest corporate taxes placed on the people just look at gas as an example; today oil was just below $100.00 a barrel. Since bush took office until today oil has been manipulated just like enron did it. I think it is better to a pay tax and get something for it then raped and have to bailout the people that raped us.


Blogger Unknown on 10/03/2008 11:08 AM:

I had the same thought, Jeremy. And Palin seemed sort of chastened in the next couple of exchanges; I don't think anyone was really expecting that kind of moment from him (though maybe we should have been), but her expression right afterwards seemed like that of a gifted Karaoke singer suddenly watching a professional sing opera.


Blogger Unknown on 10/03/2008 2:33 PM:

Ahist, I can't say I agree with you about the drama -- what else is there at this point, given that most if not all thinking people know exactly where the candidates stand by now? The debates are performance art, and Biden's a master at the genre. I was annoyed by some of his positions, but not by his skills.

Jesse, I get what you're saying, but the point right now is to win, full stop. Biden ignored Palin's intolerable comments (including the one about Obama "waving the white flag of surrender" which would have made me raise my voice were I in Biden's shoes) because the only important thing is to keep her and McCain from the White House, whatever it takes.

Zungu, I'm not sure I'd describe Palin as a gifted anything, but Biden's aria was surely classic.


Blogger Leon VangPC on 10/04/2008 3:39 AM:

Palin was excellent on form but her incmpetence was apparrent. Biden trapped her with his continuous references to Dick Cheney and McCain being in lockstep on Iraq. Then Palin blew it when she said she, like Cheney would try to broaden the powers of the vp. Worse she had a "Couric" moment when asked a key question about Cheney's assertion that he does not need to turn over his files to the National Archive because he is a member of the legislative branch under the Constitution (ie president of Senate)> Palin had a blank look, could not answer the question and started parroting unrelated talking points.

Biden made excellent points which Palin blew off like the issue of deregulation of the banks and Wall Street. Her only area of competence appeared to be some knowledge of energy issues and energy taxation.


Blogger Unknown on 10/04/2008 2:19 PM:

Leon, thanks for highlighting the interchange between the two candidates about Cheney's legacy. The crying moment will be the takeaway clip from the debate, but I think Biden was equally brilliant in his answer about Cheney -- calling him the worst vice president in history and then expounding upon the moral bankruptcy of the unitary executive theory.