by Unknown | 7/13/2008 01:58:00 PM
Many thanks to Ralph Luker of Cliopatria for including ProgressiveHistorians on his list of eighty noteworthy history blogs. The full list is well worth checking out.

Continuing the third-party theme, here's an interesting post by Independent Political Report publisher Austin Cassidy on odd pockets of support for third-party candidates.

Congratulations to our co-blogger AndrewMC for getting two recommended diaries at Daily Kos in two days.

Finally, this is a few days old, but something I'm excited about nevertheless: the full director's cut of Fritz Lang's 1927 German film masterpiece Metropolis, thought lost for eighty-one years, has been rediscovered in a Brazilian museum. I may be one of the only people around who thinks the film is brilliant -- not just as a historical artifact, but as an artistic conception. I can't wait to see the fully-restored version. Hat tip.

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[Update] It's over a year away, but I just found out that there's to be a major conference on the music of William Grant Still in Natchez, Mississippi, November 19-22, 2009. Here's the detailed information and call for papers. Much of Still's family will be present at the event. For those of you who don't know, William Grant Still was the first major African-American classical composer and conductor in the United States. This promises to be an important event -- wish I could be there!