by Jeremy Young | 7/14/2008 02:44:00 PM
Here's some absolute brilliance from my favorite political blogger, Chris Bowers.

Also, sometime last night while I was asleep, you guys put us over the 150,000 all-time hits mark. Hooray for you, and for us!



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Anonymous Anonymous on 7/21/2008 7:37 AM:

I read the comments you've recommended and I notice that there's no attribution for the source of this account.

I'd be interested to see the source cited in order to refer to the account in a book, and, in particular, a book citing the account in the original French version. Can anyone help on that point?



Blogger Jeremy Young on 7/21/2008 10:46 AM:

Hey Prox,

It's satire.


Anonymous Anonymous on 7/22/2008 9:07 AM:



I'm too new here to have picked up on that.

Thanks for the straightener-outer.



Blogger Jeremy Young on 7/22/2008 11:05 AM:


That's fine. And I forgot to say: Welcome! Glad to have you with us.