by Unknown | 6/24/2008 01:46:00 AM
Since I haven't managed to get my post ready for the Summer Symposium yet, I'm extending the deadline another six days. Have your post up by Sunday, June 29, and I'll link to it in my symposium roundup the following day.

The Owen Cargol story, first published here at ProgressiveHistorians, continues to spread. Today, Northern Arizona's NPR affiliate broadcast a story on the situation, for which yours truly was interviewed. The InsideHigherEd piece has also been linked by WaPo Online, Matthew Yglesias, Talking Points Memo, and Crooked Timber. In over five years of blogging, which included stints as Schweitzer for President cofounder, Babbitt for Congress unofficial blogger, and Dean campaign Meetup organizer, this is the most press I've ever received for a blog post. I'm sorry, however, that it comes at the expense of such an unfortunate individual as Cargol.

Andy Walpole of the Web 2.0 portal History Nexus has a new blog, Future/Retro. With just three posts up to date, it already looks excellent and will be duly added to our blogroll.

From Strandsofpearl (via e-mail), the library at UC-Santa Barbara has digitized much of its holdings of audio cylinders. Particularly impressive is their Speeches page, which includes rare addresses by Theodore Roosevelt, William Jennings Bryan, William Howard Taft, Ernest Shackleton, and Thomas Edison, among others. Also, the National Archives has digitized a tiny portion of its collection. Both websites were recently recognized by TIME Magazine.

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