by Unknown | 4/07/2008 12:28:00 PM
Cliopatria's hosting another symposium, this time on this article. The deadline for contributions is April 16. If you choose to write something, feel free to post it here and I'll send Nathanael a link -- or if you're a writer for another blog, post it there and contact Nathanael directly (his e-mail is at that first link).

My post below on Jeanette Rankin has made ABC's Political Punch. Thanks to KC Johnson for the link.

Congratuations to Ralph Brauer, whose post on Fannie Lou Hamer made this month's History Carnival.

Finally, thanks to our own Mentarch for rating this blog E! for Excellent! ProgressiveHistorians' own ratings can be found below the fold.

What's on your mind?

And the ProgressiveHistorians E! for Excellent! awards go to:

Melissa Harris-Lacewell -- a political science professor at Princeton, a strong supporter of Obama, and a loud and proud voice for African-American women.

Arthur Goldhammer -- some of the best commentary around on French politics, from a veteran translator.

Scott McLemee -- a columnist for InsideHigherEd, a board member of the National Book Critics' Circle, and a keen literary mind. Plus, he bought me dinner once. What's not to like?

POTUS -- the little-known but excellent group blog helmed by Rick Shenkman, better known as the editor of HNN.

ZenPundit -- probably my favorite conservative in the blogosphere, and always a fantastic read.

Hugo Schwyzer -- history professor in California who writes about gender issues from the perspective of a male feminist. Of all my daily reads, this one is the most challenging to my values -- in a good way.

Aaron Barlow -- another left-wing academic who's too little read. Has great stories about his world travels in the '70's.

BrownFemiPower -- a brilliant and prolific blogger on Women of Color issues.

Elle, PhD -- one of our authors, and an excellent blogger at her own place as well.

Dave Praeger -- the dude writes about poo. What more is there to say?




Anonymous Anonymous on 4/12/2008 1:33 PM:

I did not realize I had even been nominated, which must have come from you. So thank you for nominating the essay and also thank you for giving it a home.


Anonymous Anonymous on 4/12/2008 7:11 PM:

Thanks! Always nice to be appreciated (as I appreciate Progressive Historians).


Blogger Unknown on 4/13/2008 2:58 AM:

You are both most welcome!