by Unknown | 3/03/2008 10:51:00 PM
...there's a guy running for Congress by the name of John Manlove.

Yeah, that's right. John Manlove. And it gets better: he's got a press release on his site with the following title: "Texas Border Busted, Broken and Violated."

Ahem. Use this as an open thread.




Blogger Ahistoricality on 3/04/2008 12:48 AM:

John Manlove built his business from a broken down, one car garage into an award winning advertising agency by applying conservative principles.

I know some conservatives disdain what they call "hyphenated Americans" but I didn't realize that it extended to abandoning the use of the hyphen as a grammatical marker....


Anonymous Anonymous on 3/04/2008 1:17 AM:

I really hate letting right wing crazies appropriate the word "conservative".

Not to split hairs.


Anonymous Anonymous on 3/04/2008 2:21 AM:

It's a good thing for Obama that he's sexy as hell, and then, too, there's that First Black President thing that really makes progressives hot.

Otherwise people might pay attention to what he actually has to say and to his record and they might realize that he's no progressive. He's a hawk and a corporatist. Here's what Our Saviour had to say about Hamas, just a day or two after an Israeli official finally openly used the word "holocaust" to describe what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians and to the Gazans in particular:

"" SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday backed the Bush administration's policy of shunning contact with the Islamic militants of Hamas in its Middle East peace diplomacy. The Illinois senator has said he would break with President George W. Bush's stance of declining to talk to some other international adversaries but that stance does not apply to Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip and is committed to the destruction of Israel."

In other words, Obama doesn't seem to have a problem with Israel unleashing the worst imaginable crime against humanity on Gaza.
Remember, Hamas is the legitimately elected government of the Palestinians. To not deal with them is to leave them to the devices of the Israeli military, which is talking holocaust and which has essentially turned Gaza into a giant concentration camp.

And Obama is Brand Change?!!!

What an Obama hangover we are all going to have, I fear.

Or was there a nuance I missed, Ahist, in pointing out that just a day or two after Israel speaks of "holocaust" against Gaza, Obama issues this right wing fatwa? Or is it a gotcha to point out that Obama is wolf in quasi-progressive clothing? Gee, what's wrong with me. Why can't I go ahead and gush lovingly about Obama like everyone else.

Oh yes, he's the greatest orator in American History (even though he mysteriously can't write one single original, good line). Oh yes, he's a real fighter against Corporate Power (though he's the one making the killing on Wall Street, and even though he has a history of working closely with corporate interests to the point where they practically write their own legislation). Oh yes, he loves the poor (though he's recieved vast sums from and through a guy who turned the affordable housing system in Chicago into a cash cow for himself and his politcal friends). Oh yes, he's as honest as Old Abe (though he lied repeatedly about his relationship with Rezko, has probably lied about his back room dealings with Canada over Nafta, and distorted his record on the Iraq war).

Poor Obama. Why can't people just understand that he's CHANGE and stop criticizing him?

I wonder if the folks in Gaza see him as CHANGE right now?


Anonymous Anonymous on 3/04/2008 5:55 AM:

Might as well rant a little more.

What really, really pisses me off about all the left wing Obama worship is that if Bush did any of the things that Obama has done, we'd be griddling his *ss AND RIGHTLY SO. The Rezko connection and Obama's prevaricating about it reminds me of Bush's prevarications about his various campaign donators who benefitted from his policies. Remember when Ken Lay was supposedly someone Bush didn't know or barely knew at all?
How is it ok when Obama tries to pull that crap? It isn't.

If Bush had made that hawkish and inhumane comment about Hamas just days after that vile "holocaust" reference by am Israeli official, we'd be ripping him to shreds, and rightly so. But we give Obama a pass.

If Bush made a speech promising to make some of the needed changes to Nafta and then reports came out that he had simultaneously reassured our Nafta 'partners' that it was 'campaign bullsh*t', we'd be all over him, and the usual round of denials on all sides would be rejected as obvious facesaving prevarication. But here again, it seems that Obama gets a pass.

I'm reminded of the time Kerry watched a kid getting manhandled and tased, for asking a question in a forum set up for questions, and then lied about it later, pretending he somehow hadn't seen it, despite the fact that it happened meer feet away form him, blithly ignoring plentiful video evidence of his lying; Kerry (mostly) got a pass from Democrats then. If it had been Bush on the podium, Dems would have been raging about it.

This double standard is absolutely sickening. If that's what we are willing to do to win elections (that, by the way, we haven't even been winning, for the most part), then no wonder we can't elect anyone worth a damn.


Blogger Gordon Taylor on 3/04/2008 2:25 PM:

Personally, I hope that Mr. Manlove finds what he's looking for in life, as long as, of course, this does not include a trip to the U.S. Congress. On a separate note, I see that Alge Crumpler has signed a two-year deal as a tight end with the Tennessee Titans. Oh that these two lost names could find each other in this cold, loveless universe.


Anonymous Anonymous on 3/08/2008 1:23 AM:

More on why Palestinians MIGHT not see Obama as "change":

"Another key Obama adviser, Dennis Ross. Ross, for many years under both Clinton and Bush 2, a key—he has advised Clinton and both Bushes. He oversaw US policy toward Israel/Palestine. He pushed the principle that the legal rights of the Palestinians, the rights recognized under international law, must be subordinated to the needs of the Israeli government—in other words, their desires, their desires to expand to do whatever they want in the Occupied Territories. And Ross was one of the people who, interestingly, led the political assault on former Democratic President Jimmy Carter. Carter, no peacenik—I mean, Carter is the one who bears ultimate responsibility for that Timor terror that Holbrooke was involved in. But Ross led an assault on him, because, regarding Palestine, Carter was so bold as to agree with Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa that what Israel was doing in the Occupied Territories was tantamount to apartheid. And so, Ross was one of those who fiercely attacked him. "