by Unknown | 1/08/2008 03:39:00 PM
The 2007 Cliopatria Awards are out. While ProgressiveHistorians was blanked again this year, our contributing author, Kevin Levin, was awarded Best Individual Blog. Congratulations to Kevin and the other winners.

Our contributing author, Gordon Taylor, has published The Turks Go After Kurdish Rebels ... And Kill 200 Sheep? at HNN.

ProgressiveHistorians blogmother Maryscott O'Connor, sidelined for months by illness, has roared back onto the blogging stage with a blistering endorsement of John Edwards. Meanwhile, Ralph Luker argues that the "Ron Paul Survival Report"'s history of racism will end the Paul presidential campaign. Apparently Paul's 2001 explanation of the Report's contents is not enough for Dr. Luker.

At Open Left, Paul Rosenberg is on fire re: Obama's and Edwards' differing models of populism and progressivism. A must-read.

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