by Unknown | 12/02/2007 11:53:00 PM
It's been a banner week for ProgressiveHistorians authors:

What's on your mind?

[Update] Ralph Brauer's article on the Glass-Steagall Act has been listed on Digg. Congratulations to him as well.




Blogger Unknown on 12/03/2007 7:36 PM:

Conservative U.S. historian Gil Troy of McGill University has launched a blog at HNN. From his announcement post:

The first voting in caucuses and primaries is a month away. We historians have an important role to play as America votes. The point is not to pretend that historians have a clearer crystal ball than reporters, or voters themselves. Rather, we can help offer context, comparisons, points of reference. This blog will try to help us look forward by looking backward, seeing how they ran in the past as a way of better understanding why they run as they do today – and what we can learn about this fascinating, frustrating, democratic marathon that has been going on for months already – but now is going to start making history.

While I disagree with his politics, I generally find Troy to be incisive and thoughtful. I'll likely be linking to him fairly often in future.