by Lisa Pease | 11/21/2007 06:29:00 PM
It's the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination again. While I have much to be thankful for this year and all the years of my life, November 22 is a sad anniversary because not only was an intelligent, peace-minded leader killed, but more importantly, an important part of our history was almost permanently destroyed in the process.

Jefferson Morley, a newsman from the Washington Post, takes on, today, a number of myths those who wish to quash discussions of conspiracy like to use. This particular myth is especially salient to the folks who visit this blog:

Myth #3: No reputable historian believes in a JFK conspiracy

Wrong. I know of four tenured academic historians who have written directly on the JFK assassination in the past five years. Three of them (Gerald McKnight of Hood College, David Wrone of the University of Wisconsin-Steven Points, Michael Kurtz of Southeast Louisiana University) came to conspiratorial conclusions, while one (Robert Dallek of UCLA) vouched for the lone gunman theory. A forthcoming book by Naval War College historian David Kaiser on Kennedy's Cuba policy and the assassination, to be published by Harvard University Press next year, is likely to demolish this myth once and for all. (Full disclosure: Kaiser is a friend and the book will cite my JFK reporting.)

One of the researchers I most respect because his data and sources always check out is Jim DiEugenio, with whom I collaborated on Probe magazine for a number of years. Jim's been raving to me about historian Gerald McKnight's book on the case, Breach of Trust. McKnight's book is stunning in that it shows, through the Warren Commission's own documents, instances of deliberate deception. We can now read their thought processes, thanks to Oliver Stone's film JFK, which caused such a public outcry that the JFK act was passed, forcing the long overdue release of records from the Warren Commission's investigation, among other documents.

One of the most interesting chapters is on the Warren Commission's fear when evidence surfaced that Oswald was possibly an informant for the FBI, the CIA, with an emphasis on the latter. J. Lee Rankin, the Commission's General Counsel and one of its strongest voices, penned in a memo that Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade "was aware of an allegation to the effect that Oswald was an informant for the CIA and carried Number 110669," a number which was consistent with the CIA's system of indentifying informants. The conversations the Commission held about the issue of Oswald being an agent or asset of the CIA's were some of the most closely held documents of the investigation. Far from a group of honorable men seeking the truth, as Gerald McKnight's study shows, you see men eagerly seeking ways to keep the lid on the evidence of conspiracy. Years later, Rankin swore falsely in relation to these records just to keep them from coming to the public, presumably for reasons he stated during his stint on the Commission:

...if that was true [that Oswald was working in some capacity as an intelligence asset] and it ever came out and could be established, then you would have people think that there was a conspiracy to accomplish this assassination that nothing the Commission did or anybody could dissipate.
For the evidence that Oswald was, in fact, of deep operational interest to the CIA, and likely employed by them, please see former intelligence officer and historian John Newman's heavily documented book Oswald and the CIA. No wonder Rankin was frightened.

At any rate - read Morley's full piece if you don't want to repeat the same untruths about the case that so many blindly accept from ignorance.




Blogger Valtin on 11/22/2007 12:52 AM:

Thank you again, Lisa, for all your tireless work on this over the years. I know it must be a lonely occupation at times. Perhaps now with some academic "respectability", you will gather more company, more listeners, and the issue itself resurrect itself for the great American crime of the last 100 years it was. Not as great a crime as killing a million Iraqis, of course. But large in the sense of changing history, of subverting a country, and as a major step in the military-industrial takeover of our society.


Anonymous Anonymous on 11/22/2007 7:46 PM:

The Day Democracy Died:
May 1, 1960

By: Jesse Hemingway

I would like to recognize Francis Gary Powers and give him a tribute for his courage and patriotism. He was just another American and became just another of countless causality at the hands of elements, cabal, and factions which currently exist in the United States government. These groups are still able to conceal their existence; any person attempting to draw attention to the possibility of these elements is deemed a conspiracy theorist, tin-foil hat, and part of the black helicopter crowd. On May 1, 1960, an oversight occurred due to the arrogance of two individuals, Allen Dulles, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Richard Bissell, the second in charge at the CIA. This catastrophe was completely white-washed by President Dwight Eisenhower, as he took full responsibility for the U-2 incident of May 1, 1960. The truth behind the situation is unveiled in “Memorandum for Record”, written by A. J. Goodpastor, President Eisenhower’s staff secretary; this memo was dated April 25, 1960, and classified top secret.

“After checking with the President, I informed. Mr. Bissell that one additional operation may be under taken, provided it is carried out prior to May1. No operation is to be carried out after May 1.
A. J. Goodpastor”


President Eisenhower taking the responsibility for the actions of Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell is a leadership style. Allen Dulles or Richard Bissell went against a clearly expressed order and violated national security by ordering the U-2 flight on May 1, 1960. This is a classical syllogism; Eisenhower took responsibility for the calamity, although, he did not take responsibility for the actions of Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell and the direct violation of the written no U-2 flights order. Now, this becomes a precedent once achieved.

Individuals that successfully infiltrate the United States government then capitalize on their positions, destroying the trust of Americans in a boldly cavalier fashion. These actions benefit an elite group of individuals and corporations that share similar political philosophies and greatly decreasing the United States national security. The United States’ resources become a tool for the cabals’ gains. The fact that Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell were the only ones that could have ordered that fateful flight on May 1, 1960, proves that they should not have been trusted for their transparent deception. Oddly, Allen Dulles was chosen to be a member of the Warren Commission.

Information currently available, coupled with logic, lead a sensible individual to think that when Allen Dulles or Richard Bissell ordered the U-2 flight, they may also sabotaged the plane, ensuring it would not make the entire flight across the Soviet Union. L. Fletcher Prouty, in his book, Over Flight, documents that U-2 aircrafts where in a stand-down mode during this time frame and raises the fact that sabotage may have occurred to that specific flight.

Francis Gary Powers was just a pawn, like the many thousands of naïve Americans in the cabals scheme. In the cabals’ view of the United States of America they look at all Americans as their chattel. These insidious elements still exist with in the current United States Government. On March 17, 1960, approximately thirty-nine days prior to A. J. Goodpastor’s April 25, 1960 Memo, Allen Dulles was directed to initiate an invasion of Cuba, dubbed the Bay of Pigs, and received an initial budget of $4,400,000. With a payday like that, a prolongation of world hostilities would become extremely profitable business. The Bay of Pigs disaster would require the next President, John F. Kennedy, to take the blame of another possible internally sabotaged operation by the cabal. There are a variety of interesting indications that George H. Bush’s business was involved with the Bay of Pigs.

President Dwight Eisenhower, during his farewell speech, warned the world of the military-industrial complex. Eisenhower knew the danger well, having a first hand experience with this cabal on May 1, 1960. John F. Kennedy’s assassination, over 58,000 American deaths in Vietnam, millions of murdered Vietnamese, the casualties of the First Gulf War, the innocent victims of 9/11, and the current War on Terror are all examples of this power of the military-industrial complex. Eisenhower was wise enough to put his order in writing, the order for no more U-2 flights. You can not take the blame for an order you gave in writing. Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell are the root cause of that incident of May 1, 1960; unfortunately, there is a group of individuals in the United States government, at this moment, that are more then capable and willing to destroy our country for their personal gains. It has happened before!

Below are links to sift through allowing the reader to develop their own concepts of the events that occurred during that time frame in history. Myself I see enough facts that indicate that elements do exist with in the United States government to direct the United States Resources to benefit their concerns.,9171,895886-1,00.html

This link I added for information and cross referencing allowing you to understand that it is easier to execute a coup d'état by placing individuals into critical positions in the United States government then by controlling what polices are important to act on or not to act on. Please review all signatories on all the documents it will open your eyes to what has happened.


Blogger Lisa Pease on 11/24/2007 10:41 AM:

Thanks, Valtin. I'm fortunate that it has not been a lonely pursuit. In fact, I've met some of the most amazing people through my journey.

It is heartening to see the case slowly leaking into the mainstream as the old guard retires or dies off.

As to whether it's as important as 1 million Iraqi deaths, I submit that had we, as a nation, refused to accept the lies the Warren Commission foisted on us, the Iraq war would not have been possible. But by rolling over and going back to sleep, we showed (and have showed repeatedly, notably again in 2000) that even if a coup happened on our soil, we would not respond. No wonder the Bush team is so arrogant. They would not be, were we to rise up and protest together en masse.


Blogger Lisa Pease on 11/24/2007 10:42 AM:

Jesse, yes, Powers was just another pawn in the military game. Eisenhower may have brokered a tentative halt to some of the worst of the Cold War excesses. But a U-2 falling from the sky pretty much guaranteed that could not happen.

Btw - it's curios to note that everywhere Oswald was stationed as a Marine was also a U-2 base, and that Oswald was known to have tracked their flights.


Anonymous Anonymous on 11/24/2007 12:34 PM:

Theater was built by Howard Hughes. During the early years of cold war the theaters were the meeting place of covert individuals they had secret entrances to get in and out. After all the research I have done on this event I personally believe that the Oswald working at the book depository in Dallas and the person caught at the theater were two different people. The real LHO never worked at the book depository and the actual or genuine LHO was under CIA control and during that short period and he was set up in the theater.


Anonymous Anonymous on 11/24/2007 12:38 PM:

The theater that LHO was arrested in was built by Howard Hughes. During the early years of cold war the theaters were the meeting place of covert individuals they had secret entrances to get in and out. After all the research I have done on this event I personally believe that the Oswald working at the book depository in Dallas and the person caught at the theater were two different people. The real LHO never worked at the book depository and the actual or genuine LHO was under CIA control and during that short period and he was set up in the theater.


Anonymous Anonymous on 11/24/2007 1:07 PM:

In the end when the entire ruse becomes exposed it will have been the members of the Warren Commission Allen Dulles, John J. McCloy, Richard Russell, J Edgar Hoover, Lyndon B Johnson, Prescott Bush, and his boy George H. Bush that was the group that put John F. Kennedy down. Why because if they did not kill John F. Kennedy, then John F. Kennedy was in the process of putting that exact same group down too the above mentioned group had no choice. It was a show down in the streets of Dallas Texas on 11/22/63 and the oil industry won. That is how we got into this mess we are in today.