by Unknown | 11/18/2007 02:26:00 AM
Apparently, Republicans value democracy more than Democrats do these days. Observe what happens when a moderate Republican congressman gets a primary challenge from the party's base:

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which orchestrates the party’s national House campaigns, is publicly taking a neutral approach to the race by not formally endorsing Gilchrest — though the committee’s chairman, Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole , has put out a statement supporting the incumbent. This is a little different from past contests in which state and national party leaders, including President George W. Bush in 2002, endorsed Gilchrest. (emphasis mine)

And here's what happens when a moderate Democratic congressman gets a primary challenge from the party's base:

This time around, Wynn has the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was to stump for him in Silver Spring Saturday.

Edwards now has the support of left-wing bloggers and a host of influential political groups, like the League of Conservation Voters and Progressive Maryland. (emphasis mine)

I'm not extolling the virtues of the Republicans, though I do happen to have a lot of respect for Wayne Gilchrest. But you'd think that if Nancy Pelosi found herself doing something less democratic than the Republicans, she'd think twice before carrying out those plans.

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Blogger Jesse Hemingway on 11/18/2007 1:41 PM:

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Anonymous Anonymous on 11/18/2007 1:42 PM:

Impeach or destroy the United States Constitution


The entire country needs to hear all the crimes that have occurred through the impeachment investigation that is congress only sworn obligation. Once that is complete if there is enough evidence then it continues on. If bush gets brought into the crimes that is to bad but it is necessary to reestablish law in this country. The founding fathers placed the equal weight of the executive branch and the house by the descending chain of command in an event such as what we are now facing. If Nancy Pelosi does not want to perform her obligated duty then get rid of her this is not a political party issue it is a constitutional issue. The constitution never states a political party the parties emanated from the Constitution. If the parties want to make a political issue then we need to get rid of those also and go back to square one. The Democrats are just as much to blame as the Republicans for this entire mess. The fastest solution is to bring each elected representative into a hearing and ask them one question did you full fill your sworn oath of office. If they can not prove they have, then water board their ass and send them to Gitmo bay to starve the next time a person takes an oath to office then the Constitution will come first. That is the only choice WE THE PEOPLE have to reign in these animals, to many good people have lost their lives from 1776 to the present, for this to continue.

When it comes to the United States Constitution I am a hard ass unwavering RED WHITE and BLUE to the core conservative in protecting that docunent.

My Letter to Pelosi
To a failed leader Mrs. Nancy Pelosi

I wish you would just get it over with and destroy the United States Constitution the only thing you took an oath to protect. You and Harry Reid are equally as corrupt as bush and cheney you are not Americans. I hope that your many failures to protect the United States Constitution brings grief to all you care about as it does to all real Americans. Thank you for a level of cowardice that was only displayed by bush and cheney now you. You can never say you support the troops when you turn your back on the United States Constitution you are a shameless coward.


Jesse Hemingway


Anonymous Anonymous on 11/24/2007 7:14 PM:

Thanks for the open thread.

I would like others to support removal of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, to make way for impeachment. This link goes to precedents of the House permitting State Proclamations calling on the House to vote for the removal of the Speaker; and information on what is going on with this effort to defend the Constitution against the President, VP, and Members of Congress.

There does not appear to be any other lawful solution to clear the way for the House to conduct an impeachment investigation. It appears Pelosi is blocking the investigation, despite the House majority -- for whatever reason -- to support forwarding to the House Judiciary Cmte Kucinich's resolution on Cheney's impeachment.

Please encourage your friends to review this information; publicly comment on their reaction to the effort to remove Pelosi as Speaker; and share their views on what solutions they have to ensure impeachment investigations occur. Thank you.