by Unknown | 11/19/2007 07:18:00 PM
Apparently, this election isn't the first time humorous video of dubious sex appeal has been used to promote a Presidential candidate. Without further ado, I present to you a comparison of Obama Girl and Stevenson Girl:

Catchiest Tune: Stevenson Girl. Man, those Tin Pan Alley composers sure could crank out a melody. Unfortunately, I've got "He is the Gov nobody can shove" stuck in my head now. Unfortunately, since you've watched the video, so do you.

Sex Appeal: Obama Girl. Sorry, Stevenson Girl, your suggestive winks haven't stood the test of time. Besides, Obama Girl gyrates. Besides, have you seen Adlai Stevenson?

Substantive issue positions: Obama Girl by default. Stevenson Girl doesn't really express anything substantive about her candidate, except that he "knows what to do when he gets to be the Prez" and that he "told all the crooks 'Get lost.'" Obama Girl gets the nod for "you're into border security" and "universal health care reform" ("makes me warm"), which, though not very substantive, at least reference Obama's positions on issues.

Corniest Lyric: Stevenson Girl, for "But now my heart's a ballot that bears his name." Runner-up: Obama Girl, for "Up in the Oval Office, you'll get your 'head' of state."

Hypocrisy Factor: The guys behind Obama Girl, for hiring a model who's actually voting for Hillary Clinton.

Coolness Factor: Obama Girl, because these guys did it for free -- as a very effective publicity stunt for their PR company.

Most Successful Ad: Remains to be seen. Stevenson lost, twice. Will Obama do better? Who knows?




Anonymous Anonymous on 11/19/2007 10:28 PM:

never said i was voting for hilary : )

taken out of context!

thanks for giving us the edge in coolness factor!

loe the blog.


Blogger Unknown on 11/19/2007 11:42 PM:

Heh, you're not really BarelyPolitical, are you? If so, could you perhaps tell us whether you'd seen Stevenson Girl before making Obama Girl?