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I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of the main television media ignoring American Indian issues in general, and I'm even more sick and tired of conservative personalities spewing their racist venom towards American Indians. I think Olbermann would cover the critical issue of Pretty Bird Woman House if he were asked to by enough of us, but let's look at some spewing of racist venom towards American Indians by conservative personalities first after a generalized observation of mine.

Ironically, conservative personalities seem to actually "mention" Indian issues more than non - Indian liberal ones by my observations alone. Take for example, Anne Coulter's "The little Injun that could." Why?

I think it's because conservative personalities such as Coulter, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly find American Indians to be easy targets towards which they can project their racism, having accepted the lies of colonialism.

Colonial Education

The process of colonization involves one nation or territory taking control of another nation or territory either through the use of force or by acquisition. As a by-product of colonization, the colonizing nation implements its own form of schooling within their colonies. Two scholars on colonial education, Gail P. Kelly and Philip G. Altbach, help define the process as an attempt "to assist in the consolidation of foreign rule" (Kelly and Altbach 1).

Coulter, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly all seem to have accepted the lies of colonialism by my estimations of them; consequently, Limbaugh spewed anti - Indian rhetoric, while O'Reilly didn't know what hit him. We'll address Limbaugh first.

What in the hell was the uncompassionate, climate - disintegrating - denying - bully Limbaugh thinking when he spewed his racist venom towards eighteen year old Cheryl Charlee Lockwood  ofSt. Michaels, Alaska?
(Bold and underline mine)

A crying shame: Rush Limbaugh adds Alaskan to polarizing efforts
The young woman, Cheryl Charlee Lockwood, 18, of St. Michaels was one of several young leaders to speak during the "Youth Leadership on Climate Change" hearing. It coincided with Power Shift 2007, a national youth summit involving thousands from across the nation on what the student organizers called "the climate crisis."

- snip -

Mr. Limbaugh's first-day reaction was to inaccurately and insultingly describe Ms. Lockwood as a 13-year-old Inupiat (she's Yup'ik) girl from Alaska and cast her on par with the white actor who played the "crying Indian" during 1970s TV commercials aimed at littering. He decried her emotional testimony as a nauseating Democrat ploy.

- snip -

The coup de grace was Mr. Limbaugh laughing with a woman caller who claimed to be a former Alaska resident, now "a Texan by choice." Of Ms. Lockwood's testimony she said, "if they're losing their way of life, that would probably mean the liquor store was closing."

What a disgusting and vile expression of modern racism. Add that to the truths that at least in Tulsa, "American Indians are more likely to be regarded with prejudice than are other minorities by white TU students, a study shows," and this racist remark that was spewed after the Oklahoma Centennial protest -

Indians mark centennial with protest march at state Capitol

To all my Indian brethren - for those who are unhappy with what the "imperialists" did to your culture - move to the panhandle, set up teepees, and hunt for your food. If that's what you want to go back to, quit whining and protesting and JUST DO IT!

- and the picture of racism against American Indians just keeps becoming larger and more complete. So, what was Limbaugh thinking?

He was thinking anti - Indian and racist thoughts. Glaringly obvious, he would never cover Pretty Bird Woman House, except in a racial and discriminatory manner. What about O'Reilly?

O'Reilly might still be in an emotional hangover from being put aptly in his place.

As it turned out, Bill O'Reilly himself was among those to see the video. Television's angriest talking head was not pleased. O'Reilly responded to the video by airing it on his Fox News cable program and calling the Fairies "nutso" and "child abusers," among other things, while suggesting that social services open a case to track down the little girl. Thankfully for the little girl, social services stayed away, but the attention did not. The video exploded across the blogosphere, and a million and a half hits and several death threats later, these child-abusing atheists became the 18th most subscribed-to band in the history of YouTube, right behind platinum-selling MC Mike Jones.

So, scratch racist, conservative, Bush Republicans off the list for possibly helping; I think Keith Olbermann (email here) is the one to contact, don't you?

Please make a donation to the Pretty Bird Woman House if you can, and let's get Keith Olbermann in on this.

Mr. Olbermann,

I respectfully request that you seriously consider covering the Pretty Bird Woman House in a future broadcast.

The vital information that you need to know is at the internet location listed below.

Thankyou for your time and consideration. Please help.






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Sent, and thanks for the suggestion.

Still working my way through all the great stuff that's been posted in my absence...