by Gordon Taylor | 10/23/2007 01:09:00 PM

Here are the latest pictures of the eight captive soldiers of the Turkish Army, captured by PKK fighters after their battle near Oramar (Daglica) early in the morning of 21 October 2007. These pictures bear the stamp of Ozgur Gundem (Free Agenda), a pro-Kurdish newspaper in Istanbul. They evidently were posted first by Firat Haber Ajansi (Euphrates News Agency), a pro-PKK outlet. I have been unable to connect either to Firat or to the website of the HPG/PKK. Probably they are swamped by Turks looking for news. Note the rugged terrain and narrow, vegetation-choked canyons where they are hiding. These are the former haunts of the Nestorian (aka, Assyrian) Christian tribes who inhabited these mountains for many centuries until they were driven out during the First World War.

P.M. Tuesday note: The HPG website is now claiming that they downed a "Sikorsky-type" helicopter during fighting on Monday.

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