by Unknown | 9/30/2007 09:02:00 PM
From September 2006 to October 2007, ProgressiveHistorians was a for-profit community site operating on SoapBlox software. Anyone was welcome to post diaries or comments. The site was a resounding success, with over 2,000 diaries posted in the first year. However, I decided to shut down the community interface in mid-October 2007; because of increased time constraints on my part, it was no longer possible for me to maintain the community interface.

The more than 2,000 user diaries, static pages, and front page polls that were posted on the community site are available as downloadable HTML files, alphabetized by name of poster (front page polls are named Front Page Poll) and therein by title of post. For a searchable list of these posts, click here and then click on "Open Folders;" keep in mind that any username you search for (using the Ctrl+F function on your computer) will have an underscore between words, thus "Brahman Colorado" becomes "Brahman_Colorado." Alternatively, you can access these files directly using the following widget:

Finally, a select group of outstanding and original diaries have been posted as live webpages at Classic ProgressiveHistorians, where you can relive the good old community blog days.